I stepped into the world of jewelry in an effort to find myself and to reposition into reality, emerging from a background which was not at all hinting at such a professional development. After holding two university degrees, in History (University of Bucharest, 1997) and Law (University of Bucharest, 2001) and a few years spent as business law attorney, I found myself part of the numerous people living disconnected from nature, forebears and ancestral values, artificially fitting into a postmodern  fancy alienation. I attended the only silversmith training course available in Romania in 2006 (with UCECOM) and starting 2013, under the guidance of David Sandu and Andreia Gabriela Popescu, I have frequently benefited from the professional perspective of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry and through it from certain courses held by Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School, as participant in several of its classes every year.  The change was equally astonishing and natural, a daring return towards my inner self and also to the challenge of the first passions I nurtured – technique and aesthetics, interwoven in a playful dynamic in contemporary jewelry. 

Without any reluctance to alternative materials, I nurture though a deep respect for traditional silver and gold which are unjustly a little bit ignored in contemporary jewelry. I am passionate about rough natural (gem-)stones and various organic “gems”.               


Making a jewel is a cognitive experience, my own new way of acknowledging the world and thus a modus vivendi. Each piece of jewelry is the result of an effervescent research, meditative understanding of and a naïve wonder at the beauty around us, which sometimes is not in plain sight.


Structures, patterns and functional principles in nature are the first step in the evolution of my work now focusing on the apparent material dimension of reality. I am very conscientious of the interactions between elements, of complementarities searching for their harmonies sometimes just comprehensible and not visible, of the potential of deconstruction and re-signification within alternative geometries thus recreating a world of personal perceptions and feelings. This is my way to participate, platonically speaking, into the miracles around me.