Vegetalia Mirabilia

Vegetalia Mirabilia is a collection of memories constructed around my first real microscope experiences, emotion and wonder passing through the years until today. Images that suffered repeated alterations and recomposing through perception, stocking, recollecting; images now reconstructed through jewelry in a layout with its own ontology where the microscopic and macroscopic can simultaneously coexist at the same visual level.

The pieces are constructed in one plane to metaphorically borrow the bi-dimensionality of pressed plants in a journal. Granulation, filigree elements and pre-existing findings are technically sustaining the “zoom” areas applied on the macro structures.

Under the lenses of my microscope passed many samples of things, but the plants tissues unveiled a parallel world of a perfect, pure beauty. A platonic beauty as if the macroscopic world would be a failed copy of the micro-universe.